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Monday, 24 June 2013

My Phone Does Amazing Things - A Retro Games Announcement

As the title says: my phone does amazing things. Generally that boils down to getting me in trouble, refusing to send coherent texts and breaking. On the odd occasion when it works properly I get the chance to play all the old games I missed out on due to being a Sega fanboy (after the release of the megadrive they seemed to do everything first: memory cards, internet connection, colour handheld consoles, light up handhelds, CD games, you name it). Check it: the Xperia Play, one of the most missold phones to grace the market.

The Xperia Play (left) in comparison to the PSP Go (right). The Play, for unknown reasons, does NOT play PSP games. Good work, Sony, good work (Y)

Despite this shitty phone's massive drawbacks, it does allow for absolutely excellent emulator usage. Currently I have a SNES, Mega Drive and GBA emulator running on it, and all of them work a dream (I'll list the versions at the end). With no need for unscreen buttons, you can play the games as they were meant to be played without on the go with no problems. The amount of crap I've played through is reaching record amounts and I thought I should share this with you. If I'm lucky, it'll also keep my mind busy from squatting on the poor decisions I've made recently in real life. Joy for all of us, hopefully.

Basically: this coming while I will be uploading a review of any one of the many retro games I've played. From Ninja 5-0 to Mercs and back to Metroid Fusion. Some of these you will have played, others you won't have played. Hopefully this will help you work out what you SHOULD play.


Currently running Android emulators: 
AndroGens - decent Mega Drive/Genesis emulator. Bit of an iffy menu system, and the ads suck. Sometimes it has trouble loading games. But hey. It's free

My Boy! Free - always a good choice. No problems with it at all. Easily my favourite. Offers save state if you buy it, too, which is handy. Minimises if you hit the homescreen so you can dive in and out reeeeeal easy.

SuperGNES Lite - Brilliant menu system, pictures alongside game choices which is nice. Apart from that pretty standard.